Here is a little video we made for you about Forex:

Forex (Foreign Exchange) is considered as the largest financial and liquid market in the world that allows making investments in more than one product including primarily countries’ currencies; precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum; agricultural products among others cotton, coffee and cacao; metals like nickel and copper; commodities (natural gas and petrol); countries’ indexes and stock certificates and CFDs.

Although Forex is an over-the-counter market which is practiced initially in the trades between banks, the popularity of internet increased the market’s transaction size. In particular, it has made it possible for a small investor who has access to the internet, to integrate with financial markets.

There is not a single center for Forex Market. However, in the regions where financial markets are developed around the world, the trading volume of the Forex Market seems to be high. Some of these centers are New York, London and Tokyo. In particular, the opening of stock markets in these financial centers provides an increase in liquidity in the market.



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