As Limit FX, customer privacy is a part of our customer services, and protecting your privacy is our top priority. Your privacy is also protected by law. Gather and usage of personal information. When an account is opened with Limit FX, information is collected and stored in accordance with legal requirements. All customer information is stored in a secure database, and access is only allowed to authorized personnel. While this information can be information provided to use by yourself, it can also be information left automatically on the system during your visit to our platform, such as technical information, browser, operating system, visit source, visit time, referral address information. Your data is stored and confidentiality ensured in accordance with legislation.

Customers agree to volunteer to share their personal information with Limit FX. The purpose of gathering this information is to ''Get to Know the Customer'' standard, and ensure security during customer transactions. Our customers are required to provide accurate, up to date and true information regarding their identities. They are required to declare that they will not be involved in fraud or fraudulent conduct, that they will not assume the identity of a third party, will not impersonate another party, and will not intend to represent without documentation.

By reinforcing the faith that customers have in our company based on years of dedication and determination, moving forward with efficient service quality, and supporting this service with value-adding products, to become a brokerage service to global standards.



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