Forex market has a structure that full of elastic offers for investors. Because of that every single investor would like to work with a company who offers the lowest spreads and highest leverage levels. As Limit FX, we are laboring to provide you the ideal conditions in Forex market. In an effort to do that, we can also transfer your account from other companies to Limit FX.

You have a chance to transfer your account to our side with all your open positions, profit or loss. In order to do that you have to declare your balance, open positions and the costs that these positions have.

With the screenshots that you give to your Limit FX Account Representative, we can open your account and log your trades into the system. When you fund your account, we can use your equity level as a base and we fund your account instantly. If you send extra warrant, we can add it to your balance and if you send deficient warrant we can remove it from your balance. In this way, your whole open positions will remain at Limit FX, along the same line with market without being interrupted.


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